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I blog about my Russian heritage, steampunk, Sherlock Holmes (in his multiple modern variations), art, pretty clothes, pretty ladies, and whatever tv shows catch my fancy.

Evening Post: August 12, 1899. 

Victorian lady knows how to deal with street harassment.

And people think Victorian women were helpless and dainty.

You go, lady cyclist!

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Fashions by Chotronette atelier

Summer/Spring 2014 Collection
Photos by Alex Iacobescu
Makeup by Ana-Maria Turcanu 
Model Catalina // First Models 

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Conversations With My Boyfriend:

Him: Hurry and get yourself something to eat, and then let’s watch a movie.

Me: Well, I was going to make collard greens tonight, but that takes a while…

Him: We prefer the term “African-American greens.”

Me: ..huh-whuh?

Me: Oh!

Me: I see what you did there.

Him: *smirk*

And then we watched Rise of the Planet of the Apes and it was surprisingly good. 

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Model: Zainab Balogun

Photographer: Lakin Ogunbanwo 

Design by Teni, Aba and Tiwa Sagoe.


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When guys say “I prefer girls who don’t wear makeup,” 97% of the time what they mean is “I want a girl with perfectly clear creamy skin, no under eye circles, rosy lips, dark eyelashes, defined eyebrows, and I want her to have all this ~naturally~ without any hint she works for it because that would be ~shallow~, so basically I expect to date someone who is like 0.04% of the population.”

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Browsing around VK (aka Russian Facebook) in search of a source for a photo, I stumble upon the page of a girl who apparently really, really hates “strong women.”

Tagline: Сильные женщины — это не заслуга женщин. Это позор мужчинам…

"Strong women — that is not an achievement for women. It is a shame upon men…"

First wall post, a quote by Boris Akunin: Что за времена настали. Эпоха немногословных решительных женщин и говорливых рефлексирующих мужчин.

"What times we live in. An era of short-spoken decisive women and talkative reflective men."

Then, a poem, once again lamenting “what an age we live in!”, with the lines: 

Девочки хвалятся силой,
Мальчики - маникюром,
Модно быть мега-стильным ,
Модно быть полной дурой.

"Girls pride themselves on strength,

Boys—on their manicures

It’s fashionable to be mega-stylish,

It’s fashionable to be a complete idiot.”

And then a few posts down there is this image:

"Real men have a happy woman. And the others? A strong one."

And plenty of other similar statements, including proclamations like “women should only be beloved, happy, and beautiful, and that is all” and a long rambling post about how men should REALLY treat women, “disregarding the fad of feminism,” which includes such gems as “stop upsetting her nerves with male logic.”

Sigh. This is pretty much why I would not go back to live in Russia. These are not uncommon sentiments.

(There’s actually a fair amount of cultural complexity that underlies such thoughts that is more about Russian women living under an incredibly high risk of domestic violence and unfaithfulness, rather than just wanting to be a spoiled princess or simple sexism, but that’s not exactly an ameliorating agent.)

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