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I traveled to Morocco between Christmas and New Year. I learned several things about Morocco, including that it has a LOT of cats. Cats everywhere.

So, since the internet loves cats, here is Morocco presented through pictures of cats.

1. Cat in a cafe in a casbah.

2. Cat in an outdoor market.

3. Cat in a tiny village on the outskirts of the desert.

4. Cat in an artisanal craft shop.

5. Cat in the Tangier medina.

6. Cat outside a jewelry store.

7. Cat inside a leather goods store.

8. Cat somewhere.

9. Cat basking itself on Roman ruins.

10. Several cats in a medina street.

I may do an actual photoset of Morocco later, but for now, it’s just cats.

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    One of my favorite places…with CATS.
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    It’s amazing how used you get to cats living in your stairwell and fucking with your garbage. Like, I barely even get...
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    Yup, there are cats EVERYWHERE hahaha
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    Samesies for Egypt lol. I mean cats populate both my countries it’s no wonder I’m obsessed with them.
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