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A lady living in Philadelphia; an ex-pat, an occasional artist; an enthusiastic but unskilled cook; a vintage lover; an aspiring crafter. Things that make my heart flutter: top hats, old silver candlesticks, costumes, books, Victoriana, peacock feathers, masks, stockings, burlesque, feminism, retro pin-ups, kitsch, fantasy, sci-fi, and all manner of misfits and oddities.

I blog about my Russian heritage, steampunk, Sherlock Holmes (in his multiple modern variations), art, pretty clothes, pretty ladies, and whatever tv shows catch my fancy.

The dashing and talented Mr. Fyodor Pavlov (with his equally dashing and talented husband Lawrence Gullo in the third photo) as featured in the book I Am Dandy: The Return of the Elegant Gentleman.

If you haven’t checked out their artwork yet, you should.

(Fair warning: some of it is of the very NSFW variety.)

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